Syfy Wire praises Guy Delisle's ouevre

“The Comic Book Loves of Our Lives: X-Men, Sandman, Calvin and Hobbes, and More” / Syfy Wire / Matt Dorville / February 18, 2018

It's Valentine's Day week, which means we're still talking about all the geeky things we love here at SYFY WIRE. This time, our thoughts turned to comics, but not just any comics. We're talking about the comic book loves of our lives, those stories that we maintain absolute devotion to no matter what. So, what comics are we in love with? You'll find several SYFY WIRE staff contributions below, from classic newspaper strips to modern classics and everything in-between. 


Growing up on Tin Tin, I loved how comics could whisk me away to far-off places with the thrill of adventure... and as I traveled more (in, you know, real life), I realized that witnessing different cultures also helped me to grow as a person. No comic embodies this experience of self-discovery through culture and travel more than the brilliant books of Guy Delisle. Delisle's books -- Shenzen, Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea, Burma Chronicles, and Jerusalem -- follow his wanderings through countries with an open mind and a charming demeanor. He's a foreigner within a politically-charged environment but there's a childlike innocence to his meandering that never pushes an agenda... and can also be surprisingly funny.

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