AIGA reviews Von Spatz

“No. 186: Walt Disney’s Mental Breakdown, Herb Lubalin Turns 100, Gender Equity in Design Leadership + More” / Aiga Eye on Design / Meg Miller / March 23, 2018

Our interest in exploring and discussing the ties between creativity and anxiety and depression (and the often unhelpful ways we talk about it) has been well-documented on the site. Which is perhaps why it should come as no surprise that we were intrigued and delighted with a new release from German comic Anna Haifisch, an “absurdist and experimental” story of Walt Disney’s breakdown and subsequent rehabilitation (Barnes & Noble Review). Von Spatz follows Disney to the Von Spatz Rehabilitation Center, where he meets Tomi Ungerer and Saul Steinberg and recovers amongst studio buildings, a gallery, an art supply store, a hot dog booth, and a penguin pool. “Part study of isolation, part tale of a begrudging camaraderie, daily life at the center mixes with reminiscences from the world outside,” says publisher Drawn & Quarterly. “Wryly written, precisely composed, and glowingly colored, Von Spatz is a hilarious, heartwarming… tale.”

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