Paste features an excerpt of Carnet De Voyage

“Peer Inside Carnet de Voyage, Craig Thompson’s Gorgeous Sketchbook Travelogue” / Paste Magazine / Steve Foxe / April 24, 2018

While there are all too many gatekeepers seeking to erect arbitrary walls between comics and “real literature” (whatever that means), Craig Thompson is undoubtedly one of the few cartoonists even the stuffiest academics would consider unimpeachable. Blankets is a heartfelt modern classic, with editions in over a dozen languages and a seemingly permanent spot on the list of all-time-best autobiographical comics. Habibi, clocking in at nearly 700 pages, is a lush, complex and gorgeously illustrated attempt to examine love, sexuality, Islamic culture and a dozen other heavy themes. In between the creation of these two tomes—Blankets in 2003 and Habibi in 2011—Thompson published Carnet de Voyage, a travelogue and sketch diary that documents his European press tour for Blankets as well as his research trips in the Middle East in preparation for Habibi. This week, Drawn & Quarterly releases a new, expanded edition of Carnet de Voyage in a handsome hardcover format that perfectly showcases Thompson’s expressive ink drawings. Paste has an exclusive (somewhat NSFW) selection of interior pages for readers to absorb below, and anyone interested in joining Thompson on Carnet De Voyage’s journey can find the book in stores and online today.

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