Toronto Star on Von Spatz

“Zombie-brain slicing dog just one of great new graphic novels” / Toronto Star / April 6, 2018

Artists can be kind of uptight, and German indie comics creator Anna Haifisch is using her chosen medium to drive that message home.

In this vibrant, unusual work of fiction, Walt Disney is having a difficult time with his mental health, so he checks into the Von Spatz Rehabilitation Centre for treatment. There, he joins fellow artists Saul Steinberg and Tomi Ungerer and others in art therapy.

That’s pretty much the last time the story makes much sense, but that’s OK because it’s funny stuff. Laugh-out-loud moments include the first time in years an “I’m with stupid” shirt has been amusing. And the chuckles are pleasingly absurd every time.

Haifisch’s art style is a treat, too, especially the fierce-but-balanced colour palette of yellow, blue, pink and something that might be orange. The family of colours is just as odd and rewarding as the rest of the package.

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