The Spinoff Discusses Rolling Blackouts

“The Bulletin: Pleas for Greens to ditch “anti–democratic” bill” / The Spinoff / Alex Braae / May 4, 2018

The godfather of comics journalism is Joe Sacco. His early books Palestine and Safe Area Gorazde are must reads for anyone interested in the genre. Sacco spends long periods of time on the ground researching and it shows – he’s a master of presenting real characters and complicated facts clearly at the same time as delivering emotional impact.

Another similarly rigorous and committed comic journalist is Sarah Glidden, whose book Rolling Blackouts starts as a reporting trip into Syria and Iraq and ends as a thoughtful examination into the nature and purpose of journalism itself. She mostly works in book length long form, but this shorter story profiling US Green leader Jill Stein gives an idea of her approach and style.


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