The New York Times recommends Sabrina

“8 New Books We Recommend This Week” / The New York Times / Gregory Cowles / June 7, 2018

This graphic novel is a Midwestern gothic tale for our times, recounting the story of a woman’s disappearance and murder, seen through the eyes of her bereaved boyfriend as he watches the trolls and conspiracy theorists dissect her death online. “It’s an unnerving mystery told by a rigorous moralist, a profoundly American nightmare set squarely in the first year of the Trump presidency,” Ed Park writes in his review. “Politics is never mentioned, but the dread is everywhere. … Drnaso subtly suggests that the current climate of constant horror, weaponized by hashtags and spread by autofill, has its seeds in the fall of the Twin Towers and our response to the tragedy. It’s a shattering work of art.”

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