Strong Words mentions Carnet De Voyage

“Graphic Novels and Comics” / Strong Words / July 1, 2018

On the back of international enthusiasm for his graphic novel Blankets, Oregon resident Craig Thompson is packed off to Europe on a three month promotional tour of bookshops, radio shows and comic festivals. Carnet de Voyage is his graphic travel diary of that trip, including a three-week diversion to Morocco to research the book that became Habibi. First published even before his tour had fi nished and now updated, his record has not diminished with age, although – or perhaps because – it wasn’t the happiest of excursions. He whines about missing his exgirlfriend. His hand hurts from having to sign so many books and churn out one pre-selfi e portrait after another. Morocco is not short of vexations. His most consistent concern though, seems to be where he might procure some female company, although like a true professional, he always seems to fi ll a few more pages of this exceptional book fi rst. Well worth going along for the ride.

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