Strong Words mentions Shit Is Real

“Graphic Novels and Comics” / Strong Words / July 1, 2018

Set in a mildly hallucinogenic near future (near = possibly next week) Selma’s life is progressing in an entirely unsatisfactory manner. Her boyfriend has decided he prefers another, as has her best pal, as has her employer, and in the loneliness of her empty new fl at, even an attempt to put a nail in the wall produces a massive hole. That hole looks through to another, more attractive apartment –envy! – and so when she fi nds a key card to the neighbour’s door on the stairs, Selma doesn’t exactly bust a gut to return it. Instead, she does what anyone with subpar accommodation and a tendency to depression would do – she moves in and pretends it's hers. Drawn in a fl at and unhappy pencil, Shit is Real is unlikely to win any awards for life affi rmation – but you don’t have to draw like Da Vinci to tell a compelling story, and…isn’t the real owner going to come home eventually?

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