The Scotland Herald reviews Coyote Doggirl

“Graphic Content: Reviews of new work by Lisa Hanawalt, Imogen and Isabel Greenberg, Annie Goetzinger and others” / The Scotland Herald / Teddy Jamieson / September 14, 2018

Last seen in these quarters talking about food, cartoonist and Bojack Horseman producer Lisa Hanawalt returns with her own canine take on the western genre in Coyote Doggirl.

It makes for a great double bill with Dhalwali’s book in that it shares many of the same qualities as Woman World – a drawing style that is flexible enough to be both cartoony and realistic when needs be, a vision of another more female-centred world and a sense of humour that can be bawdy but mostly trades in sly depreciation.

The story? Hanawalt’s heroine, half dog, half coyote, is separated from her beloved horse Red by a trio of vengeful dogs who shoot her full of arrows and leave her to die. Fortunately, she’s saved by Native American wolves and soon she is off to find her steed.

Hanawalt’s vision of the west is colourful (as the author Patricia Lockwood notes, her pinks are “almost alive”) and at times just as violent as Sam Peckinpah’s. But it also includes leather crop tops. There’s no question that Junior Bonner would have benefitted from a crop top or two.

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