Strong Words Magazine reviews Coyote Doggirl

“Coyote Doggirl” / Strong Words Magazine / September 1, 2018

Coyote Doggirl is a pink girl/coyote hybrid who travels fast enough on a horse called Red to keep them out of the clutches of some “guys” who are pursuing them after “a slight misunderstanding.” Eventually trouble catches up from the sky, when she is unseated by arrows fired by a tribe of mounted wolves. They are keen to learn the provenance of her crop top. Some sort of medicine-wolf applies ointments to her wounds, but her only concern is for Red, now missing. After regaining her strength and crafting gifts of leather underwear, she borrows a pony to track Red, who is now in the hands of her nemesis, the brother of a man/bulldog whose leg she once sliced up like a chorizo for trying it on with her in her cabin. There will have to be a showdown. Charmingly illustrated (Lisa Hanawalt is the production designer of Bojack Horseman), utterly original, and with a wit rarely associated with this most taciturn of mounted professions, Coyote Doggirl could set the template for westerns for decades to come. 

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