Study Break lists Woman World and Killing and Dying as the most important graphic novels of 2018

“The 8 Most Important Graphic Novels Of 2018” / Study Break / Erika Skorstad / September 19, 2018

Woman World

Based on Aminder Dhaliwal’s popular Instagram comic, “Woman World” imagines a future society (a utopia, even) where a birth defect has wiped out all men. Women reminisce about past humor, deal with life issues and rally together.

Aside from the sharp humor and appealing artwork, Dhaliwal’s graphic novel is a brilliant commentary on feminism, societal and cultural issues and the human condition. Oh, and don’t be surprised if you peep the Goodreads reviews for the book and wonder if you mistakenly navigated onto a tampon website. Per Dhaliwal’s clever suggestion, numerous reviewers appear to be reviewing tampons.

Killing and Dying

There’s a refined air of mystery behind Adrian Tomine’s contemporary literary masterpiece. The graphic novel was recently released in paperback and is composed of six stories featuring diverse characters and situations — all interconnected and darkly humorous.

In this story collage, author Adrian Tomine tells a narrative through six different, interconnected perspectives. One short story features no words at all, but only still images. Throughout these stories, Tomine manages to capture a snapshot of life in the 21st century, whether it’s through a minute, carefully illustrated facial expression or through a colorful, detailed landscape.

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