The Toronto Star reviews Berlin

“Berlin by Jason Lutes is a masterpiece of its medium” / The Toronto Star / Mike Donachie / September 7, 2018

Berlin is quite a book, in size and importance, the result of more than 20 years of work. It is no exaggeration to say it’s a masterpiece of its medium, with that depth of subtle storytelling that comics do best and a European-inspired style of line art that’s just beautiful.

It’s the story of a city and its people. Set between the world wars during the hedonistic time of the Weimar Republic, it depicts conflicts between left, centre and right as the Nazis rise to power, and the liberal lifestyles that were not allowed to continue. And, in the intertwined stories of the people — some real, some fictional — it shows the consequences of some of history’s most chilling events.

If you’ve been following this series since it began in 1996, this is the collection that reveals how it ends. If you’re new, it’s a well-timed arrival.

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