The Toronto Star Reviews Woman World

“The Toronto Star” / The Toronto Star / Mike Donachie / September 7, 2018

Imagine a world peopled only by women, due to a decline in male births, then depopulated even more by natural disasters, and you have Woman World. It shouldn’t be funny, but it is.

Dhaliwal, who’s from Brampton and now works for Disney TV Animation in Los Angeles, has collected her biweekly Instagram comic and some new material into a graphic novel, where the short cartoons blend into the story of a community trying to rebuild, united by a flag depicting “Beyonce’s Thighs.”

Woman World continues the science fiction tradition of futurekind discussing our society’s silliness, but with cleverness and warmth. There are serious issues there, including sexism and feminism, and human stories about love, sexuality and mental illness. But there are also ridiculous moments, like one girl’s obsession with Paul Blart: Mall Cop as she lives among the ruins. I laughed a lot.

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