Vulture recommends Berlin

“The 8 Best Comics to Read in September ” / Vulture / Abraham Riesman / September 4, 2018

“Recommend” isn’t a strong enough verb for conveying how badly you need to read Berlin. “Urge” and “implore” fall short, too. Perhaps I should simply say that I demand you read Jason Lutes’s dictionary-sized epic of Weimar-era life in the titular metropolis. The cartoonist began serializing this chronicle of intertwining lives well over 20 years ago, but this month finally sees the release of the complete narrative, from its unassumingly quiet opening to the awe-inspiring two-page spreads that conclude it. The stories that play out between those two bookends sway from the romantic to the apocalyptic and back again, and the intricate linework and oft-mind-blowing layouts are incomparable. For a reader who’s white-knuckling it through our present period of social collapse, Berlin is a beacon of both warning and hope.

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