CBR lists The Golem's Mighty Swing as one of the top 50 graphic novels

“The Top 50 Graphic Novels ” / CBR / Brian Cronin / September 28, 2018

Throughout his career, James Sturm has always had a way of getting to the heart of America through looks at the odd parts of American history. This fictionalized account of a Jewish barnstorming baseball team hits beautifully on themes of assimilation, racism and Anti-Semitism that are as appropriate today as they were 17 years ago.

The concept is that a promoter makes a deal to the all-Jewish team. Let him add a Golem to their team…

The Golem, of course, is an African-American ballplayer, and thus you get directly into themes of turning a black man into a “Golem”…

It is kind of hard not to be seen as the “other” in a situation like that, and things deteriorate from there.

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