Library Thing reviews Woman World

“Woman World Review ” / Library Thing / Sara R / November 15, 2018

Woman World by Aminder Dhaliwal follows a group of women and their attempt to deal with the end of the world. The end was brought about by a genetic defect which slowly caused every man on earth to die, and for only women to be born. Only Grandma Ulaana remembers anything of society from before the last man died, and she teaches her curious granddaughter everything she can. The rest of the women live in a settlement named “Beyonce’s Thighs”. The women in the book spend time pining for each other and questioning what life was like when men still existed.

The witty, feminist humor in this book was like a breath of fresh air. I adored how Dhaliwal portrayed the “end of the world” storyline while still being humorous. It was a nice change from the typical darker storylines found in books like this. Every single character was hilarious and relatable for women everywhere. I greatly enjoyed the diversity between the women and how each of their viewpoints were represented within the story. I enjoyed that even though the book was done in a series of small comics, the story was still linear and easy to follow. The author’s message was subtle, hinting at how women are often treated in today’s society and the roadblocks they often face simply because of their gender.

Recommendation: Anyone who enjoys feminist humor, wonderful art, and a good “end of the world” type story.

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