The Mary Sue reviews Woman World

“The Best Queer Reads of Fall 2018” / The Mary Sue / Judith Utz / November 8, 2018

When a birth defect decimates the male population, the women of the world must band together, forming new societies and creating order amidst the confusion and chaos. One small group rallies under the flag of “Beyonce’s Thighs” and hopes for a better future than the one that faced them before.

With a tongue-in-cheek humor that is at turns sly and biting, and others laugh-out-loud hilarious, Aminder Dhaliwal has crafted a graphic novel that is both powerful and hopeful, focusing on the daily lives of this small group of women struggling to make a future for themselves without men. The book follows the interplay between the group, focusing on their relationship woes, the difficulties and hardships of group survival, and the sadness of loss—both of men and of the world as it used to be, and the very real hope that this new world they find themselves in will be better than the last.

Full of simple black-and-white artwork with an occasional splash of color, the book is stark in its exploration of identity, femaleness, loss, and hope.

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