Paste Magazine recommends Blankets

“10 Comics to Help You Escape (or Appreciate) Your Family this Holiday Season ” / Paste Magazine / Caitlin Rosberg / November 20, 2018

There are plenty of coming-of-age stories about young men, and plenty of those are memoirs like Craig Thompson’s Blankets. What sets this hefty tome apart is the gentleness with which he approaches each character and situation. Blankets won a slew of awards when it premiered and has remained one of the more popular graphic memoirs since then. Blankets tells the story of Thompson falling in and out of love in the middle of a snow-covered small town, all of it overshadowed by a fundamentalist Christian youth and overbearing demands of family. If it weren’t for Thompson’s honesty and the great care and sensitivity he shows in telling such a personal story, Blankets could have easily disappeared into the large number of graphic memoirs about young love and heartbreak. As Thompson and his girlfriend Raina struggle to create their own family under the influence of their existing relations, it becomes a story of families both biological and logical. For readers living in climates that get a lot of snow around the winter holidays, reading Blankets can be an especially emotional journey. The oppressive chill and heavy layer of snow that covers the majority of the story can be comforting, but it can also lend a sense of isolation that makes the book all the more evocative.

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