Forbes on Berlin

“The Best Graphic Novels Of 2018” / Forbes / Rob Salkowitz / December 7, 2018

Berlin by Jason Lutes (Drawn and Quarterly). Jason Lutes spent more than 20 years architecting this historical drama set in the final days of Germany’s Wiemar Republic. Now Drawn and Quarterly has issued the complete story in a handsome hardcover collecting all 24 individual issues, and it’s a major event, revealing the monumentality of Lutes’ ambition and achievement. Lutes works in a European clean-line art style with lots of attention to architectural detail. His pacing is European as well, taking time developing a large cast of characters representing every strata of society. Dramatic irony hangs over the story, with most readers knowing what history has in store for Berlin’s tolerant, cosmopolitan society. Lutes’ project also gains unanticipated relevance from the parallels between interwar Germany and contemporary America. Not just the book of the year, Berlin belongs on the short list of best works ever done in the medium of graphic literature.

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