The Guardian Chooses Sabrina As A Best Book of 2018

“Guardian best books of 2018” / The Guardian / James Smart / December 6, 2018

The presence of a graphic novel on the Man Booker longlist for the first time was welcome news this year, partly because it chips away at genre assumptions, but mostly because the book in question was very good indeed. Nick Drnaso’s Sabrina explores the shock, grief and conspiracy theories that swirl around a young woman’s disappearance. That it tackles big issues – fake news, happiness and the state of America – may have helped to hook the judges. But what stays with the reader is Drnaso’s eerie portrait of the rituals of everyday life, the muted colours of his simple panels building into a suburban epic in which dark themes rear up, like some great Lovecraftian beast, and break through modern life’s banal surface.

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