Paste on Blame This on the Boogie

“The Green Lantern, Marvel Knights: 20th, James Bond 007 & More in Required Reading: Comics for 11/7/2018” / Paste Mag / Caitlin Rosberg / November 6, 2018

Popularity of Hamilton notwithstanding, the appeal of musical theater is lost on a lot of people, especially those from the golden age of Hollywood musicals, all flash and color and artifice. For Rina Ayuyang, these musicals are an escape from the world as it is, a vehicle to help carry her through her life. Beginning with her childhood in the ‘70s, Blame this on the Boogie traces the myriad challenges and milestones that Ayuyang has faced through the lens of her love of Hollywood musicals, shaping everything from her other entertainment choices to her approach to parenthood. With bright, vivacious colors that echo the very films she loves, Ayuyang draws in readers as she struggles to deal with conflicts and worries both personal and universal. Ayuyang has a unique perspective on something as singular and specific as American movie musicals, and offers insight as to why escaping into them is so satisfying, and can how it can help people find their own voices.

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