Four D+Q books on Under The Radar's 2018 Top Comics

“Top 10 Comic Books and Graphic Novels of 2018” / Under The Radar Magazine / January 18, 2019

2. Sabrina

Drawn & Quarterly

Each day the Internet becomes more deeply ingrained in our lives. It facilitates our banking, our learning, our shopping. But there's a dark side to the World Wide Web, a side riddled with conspiracy theories, slander, and vitriol. Nick Drnaso brilliantly shines a light on the sinister underbelly of the web in his story of a missing woman and the malice that her loved ones are subjected to by Internet trolls.

5. Bad Friends

Drawn & Quarterly

Newly translated from South Korean, Ancco weaves a poignant, albeit at times disturbing story about a troubled adolescent girl. Jinjuu's lack of respect for authority-her teachers, her father-earns her more than her fair share of beatings. She responds as teenagers across the world do every day, by drinking, smoking, and running away from home. Bad Friends is rich with atmosphere, universal and impressive.

7. Woman World

Drawn & Quarterly

An ongoing web-comic, this print edition of Aminder Dhaliwal's series about a world devoid of men is hands-down spectacular. The setup is quick and simple-due to reasons nobody really knows, humankind stops producing males. After the last man has died off, what's left is a world populated solely by women. What does that world look like? It's funny, introspective, hopeful, reminiscent, and so much more.

Runners Up

Red Winter (Drawn and Quarterly)

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