Nylon picks Love That Bunch as a best comic of 2018

“The Best Illustrated Books Of 2018” / Nylon / Kristin Iversen / November 26, 2018

Raucous and raunchy and filled with examples of how a young woman’s sexual desires often conflict with her politics, Love That Bunch is an exhilarating ride, taking readers from New York City in the ’60s, when Kominsky-Crumb was figuring out who she wanted to be in this world, to years later, when she’d grown up, had children, and was still figuring things out. This book comprises many of Kominsky-Crumb’s best early comics, as well as a new story, “Dream House,” which also visits her childhood but from a perspective of 40 years in the future. This is a perfect book to give to any woman, of any age, in your life.

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