Blouin Artfino on D+Q hotly anticipated comics projects

“2019 Brings Hotly Anticipated Comics and Graphic Novel Projects” / Blouin Artinfo International / Louise Blouin / January 15, 2019

2019 has come with a booster for the depressed and lonely. A number of new comics and graphic novels are coming our way from both big and new publishing houses.

D&Q will publish ‘Making Comics’ by Lynda Barry, famous for making collage comics, and ‘Is There a Rational Adult Anywhere?’ a collection of Vanessa Davis’s comics column for The Paris Review, both scheduled for print in autumn.

Other projects of 2019 include a collection of Kevin Huizenga’s ‘Ganges,’ to be published by Drawn & Quarterly in autumn; Canadian cartoonist Seth’s ‘Clyde Fans,’a 500 page saga of three brothers’ struggle in the fan business, to be published by  Drawn & Quarterly in April[.]

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