CBR lists Wilson among top 50 graphic novels of all time

“Top 50 Graphic Novels: #15-11” / CBR / Brian Cronin / October 19, 2018

14. Wilson (2010)

Daniel Clowes cleverly tells the story of Wilson through a series of one-page comics, each one with a slightly different style. You know how some jokes are so bad that they still make you laugh? Well, Wilson is a person who is so uncharming that you can't help but be charmed by him. He's so abrasive that it is hilarious watching him go through life. After the death of his father, Wilson reconnects with his ex-wife and decides to track down the daughter that his ex gave up for adoption after they broke up.

What's fascinating is how well Clowes tells the overall narrative while staying true to the standard set-up of comic strips, in that each individual page IS its own, full strip. So there's a lot of punchlines at the end of every page and they manage to work on their own while also keeping the story going.

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