Chicago Tribune on Sabrina

“Our 10 Best Books of 2018: From 'Boom Town' to 'Douglass' to 'Overstory,' seeing the big in everything” / Chicago Tribune / Christopher Borrelli / November 30, 2018

You could have spent the past year reading incendiary insider accounts of the current White House, moving book to book with barely a pause for lunch or earning a living; a few — Michael Lewis’ “The Fifth Risk,” perhaps, an appreciation of civil servants who can see past their own noses — might even endure beyond the present political cycle.

Or you could have read anything by anyone about anything.

Reading while the world is burning down around you tends to give whatever’s in your hands the contours of apocalypse.

The problem is, so many authors captured the urgency of the times you didn’t have to read old heavy-metal memoirs to feel a part of the zeitgeist. On the other hand, there were not enough hours in the day to even crack this wellspring. Say you only read Chicago authors: You had [...] Nick Drnaso’s celebrated graphic novel “Sabrina,” about the tenuousness of trust.

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