Coyote Doggirl recommended for Intersectional Bookworms

“13 Reads for Intersectional Bookworms” / Create & Cultivate / Lola Catero / November 25, 2018

Maybe you started buying holiday gifts in August. Maybe you Amazon Prime in the nick-of-time. If you’re somewhere in between, now is the time for a little #giftinspo.

What do you get your gal pals and boss babes all too familiar with Notorious RBG? More fire reads authored by icons and experts of color, LGBTQ individuals and women to keep their literary game lit and our society moving forward.

Kicking the list off with our former First Lady, below are 13 books to support, inform, motivate, comfort and even distract your besties that want it—or need it—most.  

Coyote Doggirl- Lisa Hanawalt

Half coyote. Half dog. Expert equestrian and creator of crop tops. As Coyote and her horse, Red, ride West they sure do have a few run-ins with unsavory cowpoke, but it’s nothing the two can’t manage. Find out why the two are on this rough-and-tumble journey in this absurd, beautiful and oddly relatable graphic novel.

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