Heather O'Neill on Coyote Doggirl

“Your weekly book selection: Stories set in Japan, Nunavut and the post-internet world Social Sharing” / CBC News / Heather and Arizona O'Neill / November 21, 2018

Every Wednesday, CBC Montreal's Homerun welcomes one of its five book columnists in studio.

Once a month, writer and novelist Heather O'Neill is joined by her daughter, filmmaker and avid reader Arizona O'Neill, to share their top picks.

Here are Heather and Arizona's reading recommendations for the month of November.

Coyote Doggirl, by Lisa Hanawalt

The work of Lisa Hanawalt, who also happens to be the production designer and producer for Bojack Horseman, features unapologetic anthropomorphic animals. They aren't your run-of-the-mill Disney creatures either.

They are characters with deep levels of emotions that the reader and viewer can relate to.

This is why when I heard Hanawalt was writing a graphic novel about a coyote dog-girl in a Western setting, I jumped for joy.

Westerns are inherently sexist and always feature scared women running for their lives from pillagers.

Hanawalt writes a Western with a badass woman who just wants to be left in peace.

Coyote Doggirl fights and struggles through the whole book for her right to roam the countryside on her horse without being assaulted or killed, and it is awesome.

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