London Free Press lists three DQ books in 2018 best

“Brown: On Vinyl tops my list of the year's best graphic novels” / The London Free Press / Dan Brown / December 14, 2018

What a fantastic year to be a comic lover. Here are my picks for the best graphic novels of 2018.

(4) Woman World – Hilarious look at a male-free milieu by Aminder Dhaliwal, who asks: Would a planet run by the fairer sex be free of problems? Nope.

(7) Blame This on the Boogie – Rina Ayuyang’s memoir captures the energy of growing up in a Filipino family in this pop-culture delight.

(10) Coyote Doggirl – A gender-bending, dreamy reinterpretation of the classic Western from Lisa Hanawalt.

I would love to hear your choices.

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