Montrose Press lists Dhaliwal under 2018 Most Interesting

“Our most interesting reads of 2018!” / Montrose Daily Press / Lindsay Beckman / January 10, 2019

Lindsay’s pick: I had so much fun reading Aminder Dhaliwal’s “Woman World,” published in September this year, which collects Dhaliwal’s webcomic. “Woman World” is a romp through a future where a birth defect has wiped out the male population, leaving women to forge ahead on their own. Told in short episodes, it is sweet and laugh-out-loud funny, featuring a wide range of women, each with their own obstacles in these new circumstances. The comics are drawn mostly in a spare black and white, but that isn’t a deterrent since each personality is so colorful. I don’t know if Dhaliwal will continue creating more of these spectacular comics in the future, but if she is, I am 100 percent on board!

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