The Mushroom Fan Club Among Paste's Best Kids Comics of 2018

“The 20 Best Kids Comics of 2018” / Paste Magazine / Hillary Brown / December 17, 2018

Elise Gravel is a taxonomic type of artist. Sometimes (The Great AntonioThe Cranky Ballerina) her work is more narrative-focused, but she seems to take the most delight in drawing as many variations on a theme as she can think of. The Mushroom Fan Club is in that category, not only a love letter to fungi but an exuberant depiction of their different forms: skinny, curlicued, brightly colored, spongy, squat, shaggy, frilled and more, all anthropomorphized with adorably wide eyes, even if they’re extremely poisonous. You know who else likes variations on a theme? Kids! 

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