Refinery29 recommends Sabrina in 2018 best picks

“Behold, A Book For Everyone On Your Holiday List” / Refinery29 / Elena Nicolaou / November 27, 2018
If you ask us, books make for the ideal holiday gift. On a practical level, books are the easiest shape to wrap (Team Rectangle!). More importantly, there aren't many better feelings than knowing someone has scoured shelves and chosen something specifically for you.
That said, the whole "shelf scouring" process can be downright daunting, especially if you're not keeping up with the New York Times Book Review section each week. Countless incredible books have come out in 2018 alone.
We're here to help you wade through the best offerings of 2018 and the recent years. There's a book out there for every kind of personality, and every kind of friend. Here are our picks.

For the friend who likes graphic novels:

Other ideas: Sabrina by Nick Drnaso

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