WIRED features two D+Q books under 2018 Best Comics

“THE BEST COMICS OF 2018—FROM SABRINA TO CROWDED” / WIRED / Graeme McMillan / January 1, 2019

Sabrina (Drawn & Quarterly)

For some people, Nick Drnaso's paranoid comic about the aftermath of a murder is known as the first graphic novel nominated for the Man Booker Prize, but for those unimpressed by mainstream British literary awards, consider this: Sabrina is also a masterwork in translating the anxiety and confusion of the "fake news" age into something beautiful anddisturbing. It's a book that lingers long after you've finished reading.

Woman World (Drawn & Quarterly)

The question of what the world would be like if all the men died isn't a new idea—Brian K. Vaughan explored the notion a decade ago in Y: The Last Man—but Aminder Dhaliwal's episodic graphic novel approaches it with such lightness and humor that it feels fresh all over again. In Dhaliwal's post-male world, nothing is different, but everything is, and the space between those two statements allows for everything from jokes about Beyoncé and Paul Blart: Mall Cop to wonderfully understated unrequited romance and gender commentary. Hilarious, silly, and surprisingly deep all at the same time, it's a feel-good book about a (potentially) very bad situation.

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