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“If Your BFF Is Your Soulmate, Read These 15 Books With Powerful Friendships” / Bustle / Kristian Wilson / February 26, 2019

For people who have stronger platonic relationships than romantic ones, it can be challenging to explain why you and your best friend are so close, and that, no, you aren't together together. For those of you in this particular situation in life, I've got 15 books to read if your BFF is your soulmate, because sometimes it can feel like no one understands the magic you two share.

I am absolutely ride-or-die for my best friends. If you need me, I'm there, and if I can't physically come to your aid, I can at least be with you in spirit. Devotion to your friends can come back to bite you, as I learned when I lost a "friend" last year, but the vast majority of the time, the payoff from that kind of strong relationship is absolutely worth the work you put into it.

Now obviously, no one is saying that your BFF has to be your soulmate in order to be your ~best friend 5eva~. If your partner is your soulmate, that's fantastic! You should be nothing short of ecstatic to have found your mate for life, and you should know that the intensity of your relationship with them does not diminish the value of your platonic friendships. But for those of you who find yourselves in the unique spot of having a platonic soulmate, I've got 15 books on female friendship that you absolutely must read.

'Woman World' by Aminder Dhaliwal

What would the world look like if men just stopped being born? That question drives Aminder Dhaliwal's graphic novel, Woman World, which takes place in a near-future world populated only by cis and trans women, who must figure out how to organize their new, man-free society.

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