Daily Democrat on Woman World

“Center Stage: A teen witch and the joy of audiobooks” / Daily Democrat / Sarah Dowling / December 5, 2018

This week I thought I would veer off my normal style and open up a bit.

Let me share with you some of the recent things I have watched, read and listened to. Perhaps one some of these titles will jump out at you, perhaps not.

Speaking of comics, I just finished “Woman World” by Aminder Dhaliwal.

As the title suggests, this comic is all about a world where men are extinct and women are running things while lamenting the loss of man.

Here is the book description:

When a birth defect wipes out the planet’s entire population of men, Woman World rises out of society’s ashes. Dhaliwal’s infectiously funny instagram comic follows the rebuilding process, tracking a group of women who have rallied together under the flag of “Beyonce’s Thighs.” Only Grandma remembers the distant past, a civilization of segway-riding mall cops, Blockbuster movie rental shops, and “That’s What She Said” jokes. For the most part, Woman World’s residents are focused on their struggles with unrequited love and anxiety, not to mention that whole “survival of humanity” thing.

I read through all 256 pages pretty quickly and I highly recommend this book.

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