Publishers Weekly Interviews Seth

“Seth Turns the Past into Fiction” / Full Profile at Publishers Weekly / Brigid Alverson / March 29, 2019

“I want to recreate that feeling of something that almost existed or could have existed,” Seth says, speaking of Clyde Fans. “I don’t feel like I’m trying to fool anyone, except with It’s a Good Life, but I do feel like I am trying to create a world that is like a parallel reality.”

It’s a project that Seth has been working on ever since. “Most of the work I’m doing on that, nobody has ever seen,” he says. “It’s mostly in notebooks. It fills in the background of my stories, but 99% of that information does not make it into anything I’m working on. Maybe someday this will be used in a book—or maybe the notebooks themselves will be the final work, I don’t know—but it’s kind of an interior space. More than anything, it’s an inner world. I like that whole process of worldbuilding.”

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