Winnipeg Free Press Features Clyde Fans

“Picture perfect Seth's sprawling graphic novel a master class in storytelling” / Winnipeg Free Press / Candida Rifkind / April 27, 2019

Acclaimed cartoonist Seth is Canada’s great chronicler of the costs of 20th-century capitalism through the eyes of the white men who were supposed to be its greatest beneficiaries.

From brutish businessmen to sad sacks, he draws intimate portraits of mid-century men in southwestern Ontario, undertaking a forensic analysis of their behaviour and psychology.

Clyde Fans (which hits bookstore shelves on Tuesday, April 30) is the apex of Seth’s oeuvre. It achieves the near-impossible by producing great empathy for two very different aging brothers, one a gregarious extrovert and the other a perplexing introvert, whose prosaic lives don’t usually earn such epic storytelling.

Seth (the pseudonym for Gregory Gallant) is a Guelph, Ont., award-winning cartoonist, illustrator, book designer and gallery artist, and the subject of the 2014 NFB film Seth’s Dominion.

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