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“20 New Graphic Novels & Memoirs To Pack In Your Carry-On This Summer” / Bustle / Kristian Wilson / May 29, 2019

Looking for something a little different to pack in your book bag for your next vacation? I've got 20 new graphic novels you can read this summer to bring a little variety to your TBR. Check out my recommendations below, and be sure to pick one out to pack in your carry-on this season.

Graphic novels aren't all superheroes and spandex — although I've got some of those on this list, if that's your thing. These days, you can find memoirs and travelogues, YA romances and scary stories, and just about any other type of literature you can imagine, all in a convenient, graphic format. If you haven't read a comic book or graphic novel since you picked up Archie in the third grade, it may be time to revisit this wonderful and diverse genre. This list isn't just for graphic novel newcomers, however. The books on the list below are all new releases in 2019, so there's a high chance that even the most dedicated readers of sequential art can find something of interest here. Check out the 20 graphic novels I've picked out for you to read this summer:

Hot Comb by Ebony Flowers (June 18)
A collection of stories revolving around black women and their hair, Ebony Flowers's Hot Comb explores the complex relationship between appearance, empowerment, subjugation, and society.

Grass by Keum Suk Gendry-Kim (July 16)
In this heart-rending nonfiction tale of wartime Korea, a young girl named Lee Ok-sun is forced into sexual slavery as a "comfort woman" at one of Japan's military brothels. Separated from her family for decades, Lee shares her harrowing story in Keum Suk Gendry-Kim's Grass.

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