Toronto Star recommends Leaving Richard's Valley

“Graphic novels so weird you’ll want to read them again” / Toronto Star / Mike Donachie / May 30, 2019

Michael Deforge’s comics always work on different levels, and this one has so much to give that it bears reading and rereading many times. They’re also weird, so here goes.

A raccoon, a spider, a dog and a squirrel are exiled from a valley by cult leader Richard, who’s human, after they are betrayed by a frog. So they wander through a city, which is obviously Toronto, encountering increasingly challenging circumstances and more odd characters, while points about cities, change and problematic people are made along the way.

This strip started on Deforge’s Instagram — “mostly daily” — and is given new life as a satisfyingly fat book with the most silver cover a book ever had. It’s often funny, sometimes disturbing and always entertaining, and, despite being so odd, does have a story that works. You’ll want to read it more than once.

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