The Toronto Star Recommends Hot Comb

“No matter your age, there’s a graphic novel on this list for everyone” / The Toronto Star / Mike Donachie / July 4, 2019

There are a lot of autobiographical graphic novels around these days, so making a book that stands out isn’t easy. With Hot Comb, Ebony Flowers has created one that’s particularly engaging, with a mixture of day-to-day events and compelling storytelling that shows she deserves to be seen as a breakout talent.

It’s all about hair, and specifically the hair of Black women and how it ties into the way they’re treated by people around them. Flowers gives us short stories about women and girls and the experiences related to their hair.

There’s a girl’s first perm, and a story about white girls’ fascination with Black hair. And there are re-creations of magazine ads for hair products, all making points about race and how young girls see themselves and each other. And Flowers’ art style is excellent, too, with subtle character acting hidden in drawings that seem simple.
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