The Beat Recommends the New Edition of Daybreak on it's Halloween themed Reading list

“42 horror comics & graphic novels coming for your blood this Halloween” / The Comics Beat / Ricardo Serrano Denis / October 1, 2019

Halloween has always been a time where comics creators flex their horror muscles. By Halloween, I mean the whole month of October, not just the 31st. (…) Here are 42 horror comics and graphic novels that will be haunting comic stores this Halloween season.


A new edition of Brian Ralph’s cult classic zombie graphic novel, now a Netflix Original series! Daybreak is seen through the eyes of a silent observer as he runs from the shadows of the imminent zombie threat. The post-apocalyptic backdrop features tangles of rocks, lumber, I beams, and overturned cars that are characters in and of themselves. Drawing inspiration from horror movies, television, and first-person shooter video games, Daybreak departs from zombie genre in both content and format, achieving a living-dead masterwork of literary proportions. Read the book before it hits the small screen this fall!

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