The AV Club lists Hark! A Vagrant as one of the best comics of the decade

“The 25 Best Comics of the 2010s” / The AV Club / Caitlin Rosberg / November 13, 2019

Long before Hamilton hit the scene, Hark! A Vagrant made funny, pop culture references to history cool. In the humor comic, based on historical events and famous works of fiction, creator Kate Beaton’s skill with pacing and sense of humor are excellent, and her ability to convey a lot of information in a single panel has made her work eminently meme-able. (You might recognize the final panel of her comic about the relationship between Edgar Alan Poe and Jules Verne.) A limited grayscale palette and sketchy lines give Beaton’s work a retro feel, and allows the facial expressions and ridiculous situations to be at the fore. It’s surprising that a comic about the history of murderous royals and rampant disease is laugh-out-loud funny, but Hark! A Vagrant really is just that good. Leaning into the ludicrousness of the human condition and leaving space for giggles has cemented its place in internet canon. [Caitlin Rosberg]

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