The Globe and Mail spotlights This Woman's Work, The River at Night, and Clyde Fans

“The Globe and Mail 100 Books That Shaped 2019” / The Globe & Mail / various / November 29, 2019

This Woman's Work

In this globe-trotting, impressionistic personal essay, the Montreal cartoonist examines her own received knowledge about how a woman should be, while finding feminist inspiration in the labour of female artists – especially Tove Jansson, the queer creator of the Moomin characters.

The River at Night

Joyce’s Finnegans Wake features comic strip icons Mutt and Jeff; Huizenga returnsthe favour, lugging high-brow stream of consciousness into low-brow funnybooks. As Midwestern everyman Glenn Ganges fights insomnia, his addled brain contemplates everything from video games to geologic time.

Clyde Fans

Time hangs heavy over the Guelph cartoonist’s meticulous magnum opus, begun in 1997. It chronicles the decades-long downfall of a family business, and of the salesman brothers who own it, one an extroverted cuss and the other a shrinking violet.

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