Lisa Hanawalt recommends Hot Comb in her New York Magazine gift guide

“Tuca & Bertie Creator Lisa Hanawalt Hates All Gift Guides. Except This One.” / New York Magazine / Lisa Hanawalt / November 27, 2019

Reading gift guides and ranting about them is one of my deepest pleasures. They’re full of junk nobody wants or needs! I feel ambivalent about the business model of affiliate links! Gift buying is hugely inefficient and wasteful! Experiences are worth more than objects! Okay, now that my tantrum is over, I’ll admit it’s nice to get a thoughtful, well-made thing from a person who cares about you. Here are some ideas for things that do not completely suck ass, in my very specific opinion.

Comic books always feel like a lush gift to me, and Hot Comb is one of the best I read this year. Just charmingly illustrated, funny, touching, true-life stories about hair, women, culture, and everything in between.

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