Polygon lists Hark! A Vagrant! as one of the best comics of the decade

“The best comics of the decade” / Polygon / Susana Polo / November 5, 2019

Though Hark! A Vagrant! kicked off in 2007, the webcomic’s first print compilation didn’t hit shelves until 2011, at which point it immediately spent six months on the New York Times Bestseller list, so I feel justified in placing it on this list as well.

I could write this entry entirely on the strength of Hark! A Vagrant!’s universal memetic potential, which has spawned such bangers as “I had fun once. It was awful,” “Old as balls,” “Aww yiss, Motha. Fuckin. Bread crumbs,” and that panel of Edgar Allan Poe squinting suspiciously at a letter. But that wouldn’t do justice to Beaton’s beautiful illustrations, her impeccable comedic timing and turns of phrase, or her deep love of history and ability to condense it and communicate it.

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