Portland Mercury highlights Hot Comb

“Our 2019 Portland Book Festival Picks” / Portland Mercury / Suzette Smith / November 7, 2019

There’s something unforgettable about the way Ebony Flowers draws. At a casual glance, the illustrations are rough, but further reading reveals a detailed, unique cartoonist. Her pages convey the restless energy of childhood, and the non-stop motion that churns in rooms full of people talking and reacting. Flowers’ debut work, Hot Comb, is a memoir and primer on Black hair that pulls no punches about the time and pain involved in hair pressing, relaxing, braiding, and more, but along the way Flowers unlocks way more than hair mysteries. Flowers wraps her short stories of friendship, family, and conflicting viewpoints up under the recurring theme of: “Who did your hair?” The end result is a whole new look into a world many never get to see. 

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