Royal reviews King of King Court

“King of King Court” / Royal / Morgan Malyn / September 3, 2019

This was quite an interesting one. King of King Court is Travis Dandro’s childhood autobiography told in the graphic novel format. The artwork was simple and enjoyable and easy to follow, and I really liked his style. The story is quite heartbreaking as it depicts Travis, beginning at the age of 6, as he is introduced to his birth father. From there, Travis grows up dealing with said birth father having a drug problem, his step-father having a drinking problem, and a whole lot of drama that stems from the two.

The graphic novel shows everything happening from Travis’s POV, with a childlike filter overtop. The way he uses his imagination to escape is very telling and I would imagine a way a lot of children try and escape rough parts of their lives.

This is a very emotional graphic novel, and some scenes are hard to stomach. It’s difficult to see Travis’s mother go through everything and still continue to give his father chances until she just can’t anymore. It’s heartbreaking to see someone so overcome with addiction that they’d do literally anything to get a fix. 

Overall, I’d say this is a very interesting, informative read that may appeal to a lot of kids who may be in similar situations.

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