The Toronto Star Reviews King of King Court

“Family struggles and fun antics leap from the page in these graphic novels” / The Toronto Star / Mike Donachie / September 3, 2019

Memoirs drawn in pen and ink are becoming almost as common as podcasts these days. So, when it starts to feel like everybody’s got one, this type of memoir needs to stand out — and that’s what King of King Court manages to do.

It’s based on the author’s experiences with his biological father, a charismatic figure struggling with drugs and, eventually, prison and worse. Throughout, Dandro uses his simple black-and-white style to present events starkly, and it’s often shocking to see a little boy (Dandro draws himself as a cute kid with messy hair and round, eyeless glasses) having these experiences. It adds extra sensitivity.

The pace of the book is always crucial in comics, and this one, focused throughout on images more than words, is a page-turner in the best way, even if the subject matter isn’t an easy read.

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