Lawrence Public Library celebrates The Mushroom Fan Club!

“The Weird and Wonderful World of Elise Gravel” / Lawrence Public Library / Mlord / September 4, 2018

What do mushrooms, strange creatures and farts have in common? They are just three of the delightful things that author/illustrator Elise Gravel peppers throughout her weird and wonderful books for children. Elise Gravel illustrates and writes books on many topics and in multiple genres: fiction, non-fiction and graphic novels. Her creations use a mixture of hand-drawn text and stylized, whimsical drawings that reveal an earnest curiosity for the world around her. Gravel's books are often written as observational diaries that communicate her fascination with commonplace yet strange animals and plants. Through her drawings, Gravel transforms gross and icky things into adorable things that entertain and inform young readers.

If what I've written about Elise Gravel has peaked your interest then I suggest you take a look at the following books.


The Mushroom Fan Club is an introductory deep dive into the fascinating kingdom of fungi. Elise Gravel's enthusiasm for the subject shines through in this non-fiction picture book for children. This book is filled interesting details about mushrooms and charming illustrations that are mostly scientifically accurate—the mushrooms all have mouths and eyes! This book really brings the subject to life and is sure to inspire budding mycologists to be on the lookout for mushrooms.

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