Vulture Names Hark! A Vagrant as one of their unforgettable comedy moments

“207 Unforgettable Comedy Moments From the 2010s ” / Vulture / Kathryn VanArendonk / December 27, 2019

Maybe more responsible for shaping what I find to be funny than any other single thing out there. Although Hark! A Vagrant began as a webcomic in 2006, Kate Beaton’s book by the same name was published in 2011, collecting many of her earlier strips as well as adding new material to her body of daffy, brainy, evocative cartoons. There are so many Hark! A Vagrant strips to love — “Nemesis,” “The Great Gatsby,” her run of “Nancy Drew” comics that start from the classic covers — the definitive one will always be “Dude Watchin’ With the Brontës.” It’s one of the first pages of the book, and it works as stand-alone humor, meaningful criticism of all the Brontë novels, and as a more general observation about the way culture, as Beaton puts it, “romantici[zes] douchey behavior.” I have a framed print of “Dude Watchin’” in my living room so that I can force people to read it.

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